Michelle Campisi

Michelle CampisiManager Clinical Performance – New South Wales Ambulance

Michelle joined New South Wales Ambulance in 2006 with a keen interest in patient safety and secretariat management of the Clinical Review Group. She was instrumental to the uptake of the Incident Information Management System (IIMS), particularly in initiation of workflow processes for the Clinical Review Group.

Over the past 12 years Michelle has been highly influential in the development of the Clinical KPIs with particular focus on the criteria design. Michelle is the key contact for all associated clinical performance data for New South Wales Ambulance and designed and produced the Clinical KPI reference manual and associated promotional material for on-road paramedics.

Michelle has been the working group lead to develop and produce the Qlikview Clinical Dashboard which is the first time New South Wales Ambulance has been about to access and act upon data in real time.

Secretariat to the Clinical Governance Committee Michelle demonstrates leadership for the key clinical issues for New South Wales Ambulance.