Kate Bradstreet

Kate BradstreetExecutive Director, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement – Ambulance Victoria

Kate Bradstreet is a strategic communications professional who believes in the power of storytelling to impact social change. Through bringing personal stories to life, Kate has focused her career on connecting with audiences through stories of strength, struggles and success.

As a communications consultant through her own business, Kate advised on high profile national taskforces including the Northern Territory Royal Commission into the Detention and Protection of Children, the Prime Minister’s Ice Taskforce and with Ken Lay and Rosie Batty on the Council of Australian Governments Advisory Panel on Reducing Violence against Women and their Children.

Previously, Kate held senior media and communication advisory positions to police commissioners, CEOs and Boards. A former journalist and editor, Kate has built strategic relationships with journalists and communicated serious government reforms such as climate change, water reform and disability.

Kate is currently the Executive Director of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement at Ambulance Victoria.