Dr Denise Bunting

Denise BuntingClinical Research Coordinator – Queensland Ambulance Service

Denise is Clinical Research Coordinator (Statistics) at Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) with over 13 years of experience in research, experimental design and statistical analysis.

Denise received her BSc (First Class Hons.) degree in Marine Biology from University of Wales, Bangor in 2007. She was subsequently awarded a scholarship from Kings College, London to study in Australia where she completed her PhD in Marine Ecology at The University of Sydney in 2011.

Denise has been able to bring her expertise in statistical analysis techniques to the health setting where her current research interests are ageing populations in the prehospital environment and outcomes and management of not transported ambulance patients.

In her current role, she is also managing the routine data integration of Queensland Ambulance Service data into the Queensland Master Linkage File (MLF) at Queensland Health.